This beer-cooked sausages recipe is great for feeding your guests fast. Smearing the grilled sausages with mustard really gives them a great flavour.


12 Servings
20 Minutes
8 Minutes
28 Minutes


  • 12 bratwursts
  • 2 onions
  • 6 bottles of medium or heavy bodied beers
  • Optional: 2 beers for the Chef

Directions for the Chef:

  1. Fire up your Buccan grill to 175-200 degrees Celsius (350-400 Fahrenheit)
  2. Cut the onions into strips of 3cm
  3. Pour the beer into a large pot
  4. Add the onions and sausages to the pot
  5. Heat it up to a boil and let it simmer for approximately 15 minutes
  6. Remove from the stove and let it rest until the grill is ready
  7. Place the sausages onto the grill using a tong
  8. Turn the sausages once and roast both sides for approximately 8 minutes
  9. Optional: drain the onions and serve them with the grilled sausages
  10. Optional but recommended: add mustard
  11. Enjoy your perfectly grilled beer-cooked sausages!

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