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It is common practice to install a gas pressure regulator to provide a gas barbecue with constant pressure. The pressure on a gas bottle is higher than the pressure required for barbecuing. This Buccan gas regulator is suitable for the models Buccan Kempton Spark & Grill 3 and 4+1.

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You connect the gas pressure regulator as follows:

1. Push the end of the hose onto the nipple attached to the BBQ
2. Slide one of the hose clamps around the hose and tighten it so that the hose is securely attached to the nipple
3. Attach the other side of the hose to the pressure regulator and make sure it is tightened with the second hose clamp
4. Screw the pressure regulator onto the gas bottle by tightening the threaded nut
5. Slowly open the gas bottle as soon as the gas pressure regulator and hose are properly attached


Set includes

Gas regulator, hose, 2 hose clamps

Tube length


Inlet connection

G5-30mm nut (W21.8×1/1”)

Outlet connection

8mm hose for nozzle

Outlet pressure




Suitable for

Butane gas


CE approved

EAN Code


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