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Camden Compact Burner


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The compact design of the Camden Compact Burner is great for when you have limited space, but you do want a large barbecue surface.

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We’ve fitted a front and side shelf to make all your food prep easy. The black coated steel combined with the stainless steel handles gives the barbecue a slick design, making it a great addition to any garden.

We have fitted this barbecue with a Buccan designed temperature gauge that indicates the ideal temperature to smoke, BBQ and grill your food. Opening the air vent and chimney provides an increased amount of air flow for a perfect cooking temperature. We’ve conveniently placed a metal grate on the bottom of the legs so you can store charcoal and other barbecue necessities below the barbecue. The fitted durable wheels make so the Buccan Camden Compact Burner can be moved around the garden or stored inside in a jiffy after you’ve finished barbecuing.

The material from which the Camden Compact Burner barbecue is made is durable, but to protect it from the elements we recommend you to buy the Buccan designed cover, to keep the barbecue in excellent shape. The handcrafted cover has a perfect fit, so the unique design of the barbecue doesn’t get lost when the cover is used.




Overall size

85 x 68 x 121 cm (L x W x H)

Barrel dimensions

Ø39 x 41 cm (Ø x L). Thickness: 1.0 mm

Barrel material

Steel, painted with black, heat resistant paint

Lid material

Steel, painted with black, heat resistant paint

Cooking grid dimensions

39.8 x 34 cm (L x W)

Cooking grid material

Steel, enameled

Warming rack material

Steel, chromed

Charcoal grid material

Steel, galvanized

Shelf dimensions

Front: 39 x 25 cm. Side: 35 x 32 cm

Shelf material

Steel, painted black

Bottom grate dimensions

44.3 x 32.5 cm (L x W)

Bottom grate material

Steel, painted black

Legs material

Steel, painted black

Cooking height

80 cm

Handle material

Stainless steel

EAN Code


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